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Are You The Next One? provides quality athletic apparel and tee shirts to support young athletes. Order online or call us at 207-650-3840 to learn more.

Have you dreamed of scoring the game-winning goal in overtime, hitting the game-winning home run or catching a last-second touchdown? 

If you’re like most young athletes, you dream of big moments in your sport and you’re motivated to do whatever it takes to make that play. When it comes to taking your game to the next level, Are You the Next One? believes that sports can be the gateway to success not only in sports, but in life. Our company is built on helping young athletes to go after their dreams by believing in themselves and showing their passion for their favorite sports.

Our mission at Are You the Next One? is to provide quality athletic apparel to support young athletes across the world who aspire to become the best they can be in sports and life.

Our officially trademarked clothing has been worn by professional athletes, including Jackie Bradley Jr., Mookie Betts and many aspiring young athletes across the country including High School and College athletes. At Are You The Next One? we believe that it doesn’t matter how big you are, how fast you are, or the amount of adversity you face, you can be the NEXT ONE if you put the time in, stay focused and work hard!

Our sports apparel and tee shirts are made with the finest quality materials so you can be at your best. We don’t believe in just selling our shirts, we believe in the people that wear them. So the question is, Are You the Next One? I am.

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