Jordan’s Story

JordanVery recently, I faced one of the biggest challenges I ever have. A concussion, not super severe, but severe enough, and it was hard. It’s been hard, but it’s getting easier, and that’s all that really matters. If I have learned one thing, it’s just that. Everybody at one time or another comes across roadblocks, challenges, and things that they can’t control. Some nights, I was fine. It’s just a concussion I would say to myself, not the end of the world. But other nights, I would get extremely overwhelmed. Lots of schoolwork to make up, missing many days of school, haven’t seen much of my friends, but every thought brought me back to probably the most important thing in the world to me. Soccer.

I’ve always had aspirations to go some place with soccer, and for me it all started with my goal of making varsity my freshman year. Soccer hasn’t always been easy. There have been teams I haven’t made, injuries I’ve faced, rough spots I’ve went through. But when you love something, and truly wanna go somewhere with it, you always find a way to overcome. This concussion has set me back quite a bit. School work is rough, and I’m just slowly trying to find my way back into soccer and everything. I remember the exact moment I found out I made varsity. It was a moment of relief, and feeling like I stand for something. There are times when we all doubt ourselves, and let me say I did not think I was gonna make this team. I thought my work rate was there, my want for it was there, I just didn’t know if it was gonna happen for me. I remember picking up my water bottle getting ready to head out after a tiring morning session when the coach stopped me. I quite honestly didn’t know what to think. I had this feeling that she was gonna say, ‘Jord, I think its just best that you play jv this year.” That’s nothing to be ashamed of, and even quite a big deal to make that team. I knew id be heart broken though. I have dreams for myself, I have plans, I have goals. When I look at life I see the bigger picture. This was just step one of my big plans. If I made this team, I could cross of my first  big goal.

When she told me I made the team, as soon as she stepped away, a small tear rolled down my face, I was ecstatic I can barely explain the feeling. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so reassured and confident in myself. Maybe it was a bit crazy, but for a second I thought, “maybe I will be on TV one day, playing center mid in the Fifa world cup, a proud member of the USA Womens team.’

And then, this happened. One hard hit, and one long month. I had a concussion, but let me just say these things happen. This is not the only challenge I have faced, and its certainly not the last. Challenges only make us stronger, and as unfortunate as it is, there quite inevitable. There is nothing we can’t overcome. Life throws a lot of curve balls, its just all about how you swing the bat. Sit around, give up, not make an effort to get back, that’s a decision. But getting back on the horse, realizing things are only going to get easier, and doing the best you can is all you can really do. This is what I strived to do, and I can confidently say I am in fact just fine, and super excited to get on the field after a lot of hard work to get back where I was before.


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